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Bar Hill Church Centre, Hanover Close, Bar Hill, Cambridge CB23 8EH 01954 206120  Minister: Reverend Charles Mather


What does it mean to be an “Ecumenical” Church?

Many churches belong to just one denomination (e.g. Church of England) or are completely independent.  However Bar Hill Church is an ecumenical Church.  We belong to several denominations.  These include:

Our church services vary from week to week, so that our members experience the styles of worship that would be met in all these denominations.

An agreement (“The Covenant”) was signed by all these denominations to formalise the partnership.

In addition, the Roman Catholics share in the ownership of our buildings, and hold their own service on a Saturday evening.

Local Advisory Group (L.A.G.)

The Local Advisory Group is a team made from representatives of our partnering denominations, which meets from time to time with the Minister and members of the Church leadership.

The purpose of the L.A.G. is to provide advice and support to the Minister and Church.

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